November 1, 2020 Visions N Dreams

Visions N Dreams

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Scene from Leigh N Lorne Series

A vision becomes a dream, and a dream becomes reality.

There is nothing like having a vision. Visions often become dreams. And dreams often become reality. However, visions don’t become dreams or reality without the visionary taking action. I had a vision many, many moons ago. The vision was prompted by personal circumstances and the realization that I was not alone. Others had gone through the same things! I thought about it for a while. Well, I thought about it and talked about it for months, actually. The more I thought about it and talked about it, the more it turned into an actual dream.

Then, I finally acted on it… a little bit. I sat down and began writing. I reached out to others, interviewed people and tried to find out more about the subject than what I knew personally. There were things I wanted to share with young people in the world. But I’m no teacher! None of my degrees are even in education. Fortunately, I had several awesome professors to guide me, question me, stretch me and demand more. One professor had experience writing for children. Her input was invaluable.

I got nervous, wondered if I could pull it off, how I would pull it off. I wasn’t sure my vision would ever even make it to an end user. I didn’t have the skill set needed to do EVERYTHING in my dream. (I’m not even going to tell you how grand my dream became). There was now more to this “vision” than simply putting words on paper, printing them up and passing it out. There were now more working parts in this dream of mine. A bit discouraged, I stopped working on it. I allowed “life” to get in the way of my dream.

Well, I’ve finally gotten my behind in gear. And at the top of this post is just a glimpse of the next step towards the fulfillment of a dream. Pretty soon I will provide the life lessons to young people I’ve wanted to share for quite some time now.

I introduce to you today, Leigh N Lorne, twins who are about to get a crash course in one very tricky aspect of Adulting 101. Let the adventures begin…


Rashal Dàvid

“I introduce to you today, Leigh N Lorne, twins who are about to get a crash course in one very tricky subject in Adulting 101. Let the adventures begin…”