January 1, 2022 I’m Stronger – A 2020 Throwback Message for Jan 1 2022


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Originally posted January 1, 2022 on RashalDavid.com


Below is a true story of how our Christmas 2020 message came to be. May it be a source of hope and strength for you all.

June 23, 2020 – 10:20 PM

I went to bed. The alarm clock was set for 3 AM because we had appointments in Birmingham, AL the next morning.

June 24, 2020 – 2:30 AM

My husband woke me up to ask me if I left the stove on. What? Why would I leave it on (and why is he just now asking me)? Besides, he cooked last night – not me. He got up to go check. I tried to see what time it was and complained aloud I couldn’t see the time because he had blocked the alarm clock with stuff (which was unusual). When was he coming back to bed? I looked out the bedroom door. The hall light was on. He must have gone back down the hall.  

I turned over. In doing so, my arm hit something. It was HIM! He was in the bed. How did he get back in the bed and I didn’t see him? I looked down towards the foot of the bed and I could see the clock! It wasn’t covered up with stuff after all. He hadn’t gotten out of bed. I was dreaming. What the heck?

I realized it was after 2 AM. I thought it was after 2:40 AM, but wasn’t sure because I was so sleepy my eyes kept blinking rapidly. I tried to go back to sleep to get a little more rest before the alarm clock went off. Ten minutes later I still wasn’t asleep.

Suddenly I heard, “I’m stronger.”

“What?” Why had that thought popped into my head?

I heard it again. “I’m stronger.” There was no booming voice, urgency or excitement. The words were said in a completely conversational tone.

“Okay, and…?” I thought to myself. “What is this about? And what exactly am I supposed to do with this?”


I called my mom early that morning while waiting in the parking lot for my annual corneal transplant follow-up appointment. I told her about the dream. And I remember stating that I hoped we didn’t receive any bad news in the future. I didn’t know if the message was for me or someone else.

We were told definitively that day my husband’s kidney transplant was rejecting. Antibodies were on the attack! In my dream, God was telling me that morning not to rely on our strength to get through this, but to rely on His strength. For He knew what we would learn that day, and he knew HE is stronger.


I spoke to my parents later that afternoon and relayed the news about the kidney rejection. We hung up the phone and everyone continued pondering the dream. We later realized the time on the clock wasn’t visible in my dream for one simple reason — God would work it out in His time, not mine. I need not worry about the time it would take for Him to do so. It took months, but my husband’s numbers finally stabilized. But it happened in God’s time, not my time.



Humanity has been through a lot these past two years. Not too many of us are fond of 2020 or 2021. There has been so much illness, pain and sorrow. Some has been pandemic-related; some not. We have suffered so many ways — emotionally, financially, physically and mentally.

Our families have gained unexpected stars (we often refer to them as our angels) in the sky we would have gladly retained here on earth had we had the choice. However, things happen according to God’s plan — in His time. And He sends us His strength when we need it to get through these situations. He has reminded us personally several times these last two years that He is stronger.

This year, we want to send the message of Christ’s strength. We pray our friends and loved ones rest in Christ and seek the strength of our Savior. Knowing Christ was to be named, “Immanuel,” which means “God with us”, we know Christ was God living as a human. Experiencing what man experienced. Sacrificing himself for man. Only someone with great strength could carry that weight.

He will provide the strength you need. We don’t know what is to come; but we know He will be there to help us through.

Remember, Christ IS stronger. God’s message (or reminder) of His strength to me in June was so significant that I wrote the date and details of the dream down that morning. It has remained in my heart since that day. Please know that we love you and pray for your strength of mind, soul and spirit today and always.


Our 2020 Christmas Message is a good reminder that God is stronger than our concerns, fears and issues. Be bold. Tackle your fear head-on. Start that blog, business, non-profit or support group. Whatever it is that has been on your heart. Don’t fear or run from it anymore. God is stronger. He will give us the discernment we need to take the appropriate steps to reach our goals. It’s up to us to listen first.


This year we send to you well wishes of growth, hope, love and strength as we start this new year. May your careers, health, hearts, families, finances and overall lives receive more blessings than you are even bold enough to anticipate on this day. Welcome to 2022!

Best Wishes,

Rashal Dàvid