April 16, 2021 Dreams of Socialization

Dreams of Socialization

Originally posted April 16, 2021 on RashalDavid.com


I decided, scared as I was, nervous as I was, that I would step out and put myself out there. This year, 2021, has been a year of growth for me. Rather than relying on face-to-face sales I put myself out there. Social media here I come. And people reacted.

What a blessing the Valentine’s season was. It reinvigorated me. It raised my confidence. It allowed me to not fear the cost I must add to ship my creations to others. It reminded me I should not stop! For there ARE those who appreciate the heartfelt effort spent creating messages that recipients can relate to. It taught me there are those who want personalized messages for their loved ones. Those people DO exist and I want to appeal directly to them. Bringing others together and helping others relay their innermost thoughts to their loved ones is what I do.

So here we are. Live and in living color.





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